Deal sharing: online sale of my favorite Chie Mihara shoes

Ped is the Ultimate Online Boutique. They offer European and American handmade shoes, handbags, jewelry and treasures from up-and-coming, hard to find, smaller manufacturers. However, it attracted me the most is "Ped" carries Chie Mihara. Since my first Chie purchase from on December 2011, she became  one of my favorite shoe designer. Now I own 3 pairs of Chie, and the 4th pair is on it's way from Today I wanna share 4 pairs of "Chie" from, they are all on sale.

Chie Mihara Frunera

Chie Mihara Frunera

Chie Mihara Maison

Chie Mihara Xie

Chie Mihara Carosa


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