Burberry Brit military style coat with leather patch work - Pre Birthday gift from myself

Hi everyone, today I want to share my new Burberry military style coat with you. Perhaps my mom got the same one from Nordstrom  4 months ago, she paid 40% off the original price. At that time, size 8 was the only available size in our local store, which fits her perfectly ( I think size 6 would fit her even better, however she states size 8 could provide room for her thicker sweater).

I went to Saks few days before the Saks double points even on end of January. I found this coat was on sale, fortunately the last one was a size 4. I tried it on with thin layer of cloth underneath, it fit me perfectly ( The only problem was the sleeves were too long).  Since the double points events will be start in few days I asked a SA to hold it for me. In 2 days I received  a call from the SA who told me the price of this coat dropped again. Finally I paid 60% off of the original price, what a bargain!!

This Burberry coat  runs small, I am a size XS person, and my mom wears Size small normally. But if you have narrow shoulder that's a different story. Alexa tried my size 4, the shoulder part was way too big for her.


Coat: Burberry Brit

Bag: Gucci

Boots: Chie Mihara

Skinny Jeans: RL kids size 12


  1. Hi Amanda!
    Long time no see. :-) How is Allison? Miss her. I've received my MBMJ wonderland scarf. Love it. Thank you for forwarding me the info via Alexa! You've been entitled our 'Queen of Deal Hunting'. lol.

  2. Amanda, I got the exact same coat as yours in Nov, love it so much!
    I agree that you are the "Queen of Deal Hunting". Let me know next time when you get a deal alike. I will follow you with doubt. :-)

  3. Without doubt, I meant. ;-)

  4. Nice coat! I have to say the Saks in Cleveland offers more varieties and has better discount. After Yuan told me about the Burberry coat sale I checked both Saks shops in Chicago area. They did not carry the same coat and did not have sale on other wool coat either.
    Do you know if the Saks store in Cleveland still has that wonderland scarf? I want to get one too. Thanks!

  5. Hi Michelle, you are welcome. I tried to call you directly to pass the deal, somehow you were not available at that time. Anyhow, you got the scarf you want, so happy for you. Allison is doing great, she makes me super busy everyday. I bet you still remember those years.

  6. Sure, I will definatly let you know. Thanks for your support Lucy.

  7. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks so much for the scarf info. I ordered the brown one from 6pm today. :-)



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