Vince Cocoon Cable Sweater & Bvlgari B.Zero1 Bracelet

As Amanda said, it was an unusually beautiful Saturday today, in Cleveland.

We did a lot today: went for a car service, visited our favorite bookstore, shopped, and did grocery....... For dinner, we decided to order take-out from Winking Lizard Tavern, and buy a lot of beer...... we had our happy hour tonight, and got dizzy! ----

I wore my favorite cardigan out again, and matched her with a pair of olive color jeans and brown boots. I am very happy with this over-size Vince cardigan (Vince cocoon cable sweater), which has a uniquely shaped design with drop shoulder and draped front pockets. Especially, it highlights my waistline! Its brown color perfectly matches olive skinny pants and my brown boots.


top: Vince Cocoon Cable Sweater

Bottom: Jbrand skinny in olive

Boots: Gucci

Bracelet: Bvlgari

scarf: Burberry classic check cashmere

Bag: LV


  1. Hi dear!
    I am still looking for a bottom piece to match this sweater. Your choice of olive is not bad.

  2. Nice cardigan, I especially like its look from back. It is usually very hard to find the true fit/figure of a product without trying many different ones though. Out of curiosity, do you all three buy the same piece when it is good? Hope I live close and can follow you buys right away. LoL.

  3. Always wondering how you can manage with a naughty son and still keep so chic? I am also mom of a 3 year old, sometimes he leave me no time for my dressing up and making up.

  4. Michelle: it is good with your "ink" skinny :)
    Lucy: We did sometime, but not always. Amanda passed this cardigan, but she has a pretty similar one in black.
    Robin: thanks god, Nathan doesn't like girls that much so far~~~

  5. The sweater is very nice! I also like your hairdo.

  6. love this outfit a lot. Comfy, cozy and chic....

  7. actually i ordered one online before new year after seeing you wearing it, it is so beautiful on you, but not for me, i am not skinny at all, the chunky sweater made me look like a bear, haha, returned it after one try, besides I bought it mainly for weekend, the sleeves felt weird when my arms was trying to reach out anything

  8. This sweater is not a typical Vince one. It is not very "easy" to wear, and it is the reason the reviews of this sweater varies a lot. You have to find one exactly fits you. Also when you wear it, have to pull collar / neckline up and roll a little bit. I also notice that only short sleeve tshirt can be worn underneath it, otherwise, sleeves are funny.

  9. thank you, unfortunately i hd returned. the one i ordered is in oatmeal color which is also part of the reason it made me look like 2 size bigger.

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