Theory Galin Loryelle turtleneck sweater :: SNOW STORM & busy morning routine

I was stuck on the freeway for about 3 hours this morning, and got to the office at 11:30~~~ This is the winter in Cleveland!

I am wearing my Theory Galin Loryelle long sleeve turtleneck sweater today.  It was bought from Saks Fifth Avenue early this winter. It came in green and grey. The length is perfect for matching a pair of skinny jeans.


Sweater: Theory Galin Loryelle long sleeve turtleneck sweater

Coat: Burberry down coat

Jeans: Jbrand

Boots: Missoni for target


Michelle and I just talked about workout routine in the phone, and I think it might be interesting to share my busy morning routine with you guys. Here is my everyday schedule (thanks to my parents! They take care of Nathan in the morning, dress him and feed him!):

6:15 get up ,have a small piece of chocolate, find a movie

6:30 jump on the treadmill, or start yoga (30-45 minutes)

7:20 shower, "find out what to wear" and makeup in 30 minutes, quick breakfast

8:00 take off , put Nathan in his school, and get to the lab around 9:30 ~~~~