Seeing triple :: Plaid scarf, coat and purse!

I am a super fan of geometry: stripes, plaids, circles....any patterns! Apparently, I love math, lol....... Just for fun, I tripled plaids today~~~~~~~

The grey sweater was bought recently from Banana Republic (again, the price in store is way cheaper than that online. For example, this one is $38 in store now). The combination of color and style reminds me Vince, which sells silver striped cashmere sweaters these years. I am pretty cheap at sweater dresses, and I don't want to seat on cashmere all the time~~~ This wool blended sweater dresse is actually great, not too chunky and not too thin. I haven't figured out which belt goes with it so far. Anyway, just layered it with a coat at this moment.


sweater dress: Banana Republic

coat: Opening Ceremony

scarf: Burberry

shoes: Via Spiga

bag: LV

Chinese Version 中文版


  1. Woo, You are so pretty in these pics.
    The BR sweater dress fits you so well. I checked my local BR store, it does not carry this dress. Too bad.

  2. different BR stores carried different items, and price could be varied too~~~~


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