Scotch R'belle tunic & Via Spiga Georgia over the knee boots

It is freezing cold here in Cleveland, as usual,no matter it is snowy or sunny. Gals, if you are living in an area with lots of snow, don't forget  leather water&stain protector. Spraying it all over boots, leather jackets and bags can prevent the salt and water stain during snowy days. I hate those annoying water/salt stains on my boots!

Early the fall, I was crazy for a stripe tunic from Anne Fontaine (it was $295, and 30% off right now in AF stores). However, Michelle didn't like it on me, too bulky and long for my figure. I passed it. Last week, during the sale after Jan.1st, I found this stripe tunic in Saksfifthavenue Kids department. It is acutally a 2-piece set, a grey tunic top and stripe tunic sweater. It is made by Scotch R'belle, size 14-16. Great quality, and on sale for only $40. If you have a similar figure as me (5'4, 108lb), probably you can check kids department for pretty clothes at bargain prices.

To battle with bone-chilling weather, I wear my Via Spiga over knee boots. Amanda bought this pair for me in Miami, with a super bargain price. Usually, putting on a pair of overknee boots on me just likes a nightmare: I wish I had a pair of lean, long and straight legs...... So far, there are only two pairs I tried did not scare me  away: Stuart Weitzman 50/50 (also been reviewed in Wendy's lookbook) and Via Spiga over the knee (it runs a little bit large, about half size; also been worn here).

Whenever I don't know which bag to wear, I use my Marc Jacobs Angela Hobo. I bought this one from Saksfifthavenue couple years ago, and brought it with me for most of interviews and conferences. Black leather with gold hardware make this bag easy to go with almost all outfits. And it is very very low-key! It is also big enough for my Macbook air, iphone, wallet, cosmetic bag, gloves, and lunch (cheese and fruit)....


Top: Scotch R'belle 2-piece tunic sweater

Boots: Via Spiga Georgia over the knee

Bag: Marc Jacobs Angela Hobo

Scarf and Coat: Burberry


  1. Nice! Did you try the leather protector on UGG boots? I wonder if they work on suede, they might work on UGG.

  2. I did on my mom's. It absolutely works! It is also recommended by guys in our local shoe repair store.

  3. Thanks for the tip hun.

    I guess now in feb, the cold is getting even worse, especially here in the UK. I thought at first you was going to talk about how warm over the knee boots are during the winter lol, but the leather protector really does help.

    My friends wife used to do a lot of testing for boots and their material and she recommended using something similar like this before. Those boots really suit your style and I think you look lovely.

    Thanks for sharing Hun X


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