Green & Gray :: Burberry dark green down coat AND Vince gray metalic sweater tunic

Can't believe it is already half way of this week! Time flies! I submitted my paper last night, and I am so relieved now! I love to finish one project as fast as I can and then, start a new one, a fresh one!

It is snowing, again, this morning, but not that cold. I saw my little one put on his red coat, then I decided to dress myself in GREEN..... a very happy color combination, isn't it?

The sweater / tunic I am wearing today is from Vince (I am a big fan for Vince sweaters). It is cashere blended with metalic (gold) thread. I bought this sweater tunic from Nordstrom Rack in Chicago two years ago, and paid for about $80 then. It is one of my favorite cashmere sweaters, which is very soft, shimmery and has excellent quality (no pills so far for about 2 years). Michelle saw an exactly same one in her local runway Tjmaxx last month (NJ), and the price is a little bit higher than what I paid. If you like vince sweaters, and don't want to pay $300, check your local Nordstrom Rack and Runway Tjmaxx frequently~~~ Overall, I feel the quality of Vince sweaters is better than Theory. I have to shave Theory cashmere sweaters frequently (check the sweater shaver, which is recommended by Amanda).


Coat: Burberry

Sweater: Vince

Scarf: BCBG cashmere

Boots: Materia Prima

Bag: Balenciaga


  1. hi dear,

    This vince metallic sweater looks awesome on you, awful on me.

    Believe it or not, I kind of admire your snowy days. We're having a warm winter this year in Jersey.

  2. Just want to let everyone know that Missoni for Target is on sale/clarance now on, if you are interested. :-)

  3. You need lots of down coats here, in Cleveland, unless you want to wear the same one from late Oct to March..... still want to switch? lol

  4. Thank you Lucy, I am going to check!


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