DVF sweater dress & Materia Prima fringe booties

I am so happy with this unseasonal weather here, mid-40s today. I put on my favorite fringe booties, from Materia Prima last year. This pair is very eye-catchy, and got me lots of compliments :) The bright color makes a great combination with a black sweater dress. Though one of my best friends "hates" this DVF sweater dress (because of the wired combination of turtle neck and 3 quarter sleeves), I still love it and wear it a lot. The most attractive thing of this sweater dress is the leather trim on the front and hem.

Ignore my hair today~~~ I ran 5k this morning, and did not have enough time to blow dry my hair (need to send my boy to his school and then deal with the morning traffic!!!!! and then have at least 15 minutes walk to get to the lab)


coat: burberry

sweater dress: DVF

booties: materia prima

jewelry: Tiffany

watch: Michelle

I spent about 5 minutes on my makeup this morning, using them....

(buy eye brow pencil here, cheaper than Dior brow pencil. Quality is good, especially it has a fine liquid end)

Have a nice day!


  1. the purple and black combination is very unique, i like it and your DVF sweater dress which i hope i can get one for myself.do you have purple bootie with simpler line? i mean without the fringe, if so, the look will be even dressy.

  2. I love the purple bootie. It goes really well with the sweater dress. I did not see any colorful boots/booties on yoox this year. I ran this morning as well and also went to a yoga class. I only ran 2.2 miles today. Hopefully I can do 5K in a few weeks.


  3. Good job Lin! Don't forget increase protein intake when you are doing long-distance running!


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