Check the sale/Clearance for Missoni for Target (good selection)

Inspired by Wendy and Amanda, I am totally sold to this Missoni for Target sweater dress!

And probably the matching cardigan? (size xs was sold out, so I ordered small. Don't know whether it will work?)

Target is having clearance/sale for Missoni for Target online

I just checked, and there is a good selection for items and sizes.

Good luck!

Use the following codes to save more:

20% on orders over $75

Add TGTHTT5Z promo code for additional 10% off for any purchase! for 3% cashback

This information is provided by our reader: Lucy


  1. I ordered the same dress. Not sure about the cardigan though. I prefer the long sweater cardigan, but they are all out. Thanks to Lucy for sharing the info!

  2. I felt the long cardigan sweaters in store before. Some of them are very heavy and look a little bit cheap.

  3. Really! Good to know. Thanks! Let me know how the cardigan works when arrives.

  4. I just bought the same dress and cardigan pictured, plus the gold space-dyed cardigan. Excited!

  5. honestly, i am not a fan for missoni,especially not for these for target. they look a bit cheap and granny-looking. I don't think they are meant for you rich gals who have so many designer bags.


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