Aurora Farm Outlets Trip - Chie Mihara Modena Platform Boots & Faux Fur Vest

The weather was unusually nice today in Cleveland.  The temperature was in the mid 40s, and most of the snow on the ground melted away.

My hubby, Allison and I visited the Aurora Farm Outlets.  As usually, we were also there  to feed those ducks and geese living around the pond in the Outlet area.  We always wonder why those ducks and geese stay behinds in the freezing cold Cleveland winter,  weren't they suppose to fly to Florida?Allision was still too young to do anything when we were there last fall. However, this time, we thought, Allision will be able to feed the "birds" and enjoy as well.    Since we have some left over cereals from Whole Foods, we took those as feed.   We handed some to Allison and then we started tossing cereal to the flock of ducks and geese gathered in front of us.   Apparently, Allison was not ready to give up her food and started to eat those cereals as fast as she could!

The faux fur vest (Sanctuary Surplus) was purchased today from the Off Fifth Saks Fifth Avenue. It was on clearance, I paid only $34, great deal! After the sun went down, outside was little chilly, I decided to wear it over my Banana Republic drop shoulder cardigan ( Alexa also has one)as soon as I left the store. The vest goes well with my outfit and also keep me warm. What a great buy!

I ordered the boots from ( They also made by Chie Mihara. She is my favorite shoe designer now. I would rate 5 star for those boots: very well made, comfortable, stylish, and beautiful color.


Sweater: RedRam Marino Wool Thermal Underwear ( TJ Maxx)

Banana Republic Drop Shoulder Cardigen

Vest:  Sanctuary Surplus (Off Fifth)

Pants: Vince (TJ Maxx the Runway)

Boots: Chie Mihara (

Bag: Mulberry Alexa in Pumpkin ( InterMix)

Scarf: Marc By Marc Jacobs Panther Print Scarf ( Saks)


  1. Alison always wants food, lol! She is soooo cute.
    By Alexa

  2. Hi, I just found your blog looking up those boots. Very cute looks, by the way. Do you think the boots will fit narrow 12 in calves okay? Yours look pretty slim also...I am used to some gaping, but not sure how the suede will look slouchy...

    Thanks! I will be back to visit your blog!

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