Shampoo and Conditioner

Lin: Can you recommend some shampoo and conditioner products ? I have fine and straight longhair. I've been using the products "Pureology" from the hair salon Mario Tricoci. Since my hair can get very dry in the winter, this product still does not provide enough moisture so I want to see if you have any recommendation.

Thanks much!

Alexa: How are you doing? It is getting very cold here in Cleveland.

I never used pureology, therefore I could not give a review for this brand. I tried many brands, from supermarket products, to dept. store brands, and couple salon products (majority of salon products are from Japan). My overall feeling is that dept. store brands are better than others. Salon products from Japan smell great, and leave my hair shining, but they seem to be very strong. I have hair dropping problem after using Japanese salon products and some supermarket products. There are three bands I keep using in these years, and still feel good.

1. Kielh's: I heard their amino acid shampoo from "女人我最大". I head to toes love their amino acid shampoo. I used to use this amino acid shampoo with formula 133 conditioner, and last couple years they released animo acid conditioner which is good too. I had very dry hair before I had my son. Then, I liked to use Kiehl's olive fruit oil hair mask (too oily for me now). I also use Kiehl's silk groom serum, which leaves hair shining, smooth and non-frizzy.

2. Frederic Fekkai: They make a whole collection of hair products, which satisfy all your requirements. I am using their brilliant glossing shampoo and conditioner now. I bought from Costco or, where you may find good deals. Their shea butter shampoo is for dry hair, but I never tried. Brilliant glossing shampoo is enough for me. You always can ask samples from dept. store before you buy.

3. Phyto: I used two products from this line, which is too rich for my normal hair. You may find some products good for your dry hair. Sephora carries Phyto, and I would suggest you ask some samples first.

Shampoo and conditioner from Sisley are indeed great, but they are very pricy for everyday use. The small bottle goes really fast. I don't want shampoo and conditioner to cost me an arm and leg. If you like to try, you can ask several samples from Sisley sales. You will love them.

Let me know your questions, and have a good weekend.


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