My Mom's farewell dinner party by Amanda

Time goes very fast, it's been 7 days since my mom has left. I hosed her a farewell dinner party before she left, Alexa's family joined us. Fortunately on that day was Alexa's dad's birthday, we also celebrated the birthday for him.  Everybody enjoyed the food, and we had wonderful time together.

I prepared lots of food, Chinese, Korean, and Western dishes.

1. Home made SiChuan Style Sausages (川味香肠)

2. Sichuan style Bamboo Shoots Salad (麻辣卤笋干)

3. sichuan style  duck gizzard (麻辣卤鸭胗)

4. slow cooed beef shank (五香卤牛肉)

5. five spice tofu (五香豆干)

6. Gluten with shitaki mushrom, and black ear  fungus, bamboo shoots salad (四喜烤麸)

7. sichuan style mung bean salad (凉拌豆芽)

8. Korean style clear noodle with beef, mushroom, carrots (韩国炒杂菜粉条)

9. sichuan style spicy fish filet with cabbage underneath (麻辣水煮鱼)

10. sichuan style stir fry sliced pork with celery in pickled red spicy peper sauce(泡椒芹菜肉丝)

11. Slow rosted baby back ribs (烤BBQ排骨)

The photo shows the tea set I brought back from China this summer. I servied Pu Er with this tea set.

Alexa and me


  1. Looks yummy Amanda. How do you girls keep so slim with all that food!!!

  2. Wow, looks most of them are 四川美味。 How do you make 川味香肠 & 麻辣卤笋干? Hope to learn.

  3. 好能干的川妹子!想学怕麻烦。有简易版recipe?

  4. Haha, good question Kevin. For me I don't eat much after preparing big meal, no appetite. For Alexa, she skiped breakfast and lunch on that day, and she does work out 3-4 times a week.

  5. Hi Lucy, you are interested on the most difficult 2 dishes. The preparing time for the both are very long. I will update receipes later.

  6. 光吃的话最简易,回头我给你寄点香肠。我家就两张嘴,能有你尝鲜的那份。你是fabby Michelle 吧? 别搞错了。

  7. Because I eat them all actually!

  8. 所以说,家里某个人超重,也是有很多客观原因的!

  9. 这顿饭很不地道!我增加了3磅!


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