Fitness tips :: by fabbylife

Part I :: by Alexa

Preface -- I can't make my face changed, but I can get my body toned!

After I had my 30th birthday, I started to feel the change not only on my face, but also on my body. Fat starts to accumulate around my abdomen rather than on my face; pants get tighter on my legs but no change of weight; Eating less but still not losing weight.........  I am aging....... I decided to start workout routines and get my pre-baby body back.

Now, although there is still room to improve, I am happy at my shape and happy at going to gym at a daily routine (if I have time :)).....


1. Morning, if I am in a hurry:  20 squats during brushing my teeth; 50 dumbbell exercises (3 lb) after washing face ---- it only takes several minutes, so don't tell me you don't have time --- morning exercises speed up metabolism rate! --- ALWAYS

2. Morning, if I have 45 minutes extra: I run 3.1miles / 5km on treadmill at 6mph, and then stretch. --- long distance run is boring, so I always watch some relaxed movies! If I have 20 minutes extra, I do YOGA.

3. During the day: try to walk about 30 minutes in the building, climb stairs.

4. Evening, if I am busy or have a late dinner: 20 squats and 50 dumbbell exercises before shower --- ALWAYS; If I don't run in the morning, I may try to run 3-6 miles at evening instead, or 2km swimming if I go to gym

Usually, I do 3-4 times run/swimming per week.

I love food, and don't want to diet. So I workout! And it works for me.

Borrow a picture I took last year (who likes to take pictures after workout? lol)

Height: 5'4

Weight: 109 lb

Part II : by Amanda

Received the "fitness tips" homework from Michelle this morning, I really don't know what to talk. Because I hardly workout since my pregnancy, and wasted 1.5 year contracted gym membership. When you have a small baby, you always have excuses to not workout, especially if you are not an athletic person.

But I do have some tips to share with you about how did I loss 10Kg 10 years ago, and how did I maintain my weight.

Back to 11 years ago, I went to New Zealand to study my college degree. Then I fell in love with potato chips, cookies( white Chocolate macadamia nuts was my favorite), within few months I gained 10Kg without awareness, just felt my clothes gets tighter and tighter, until one day I could not button up my jeans. when I looked at myself in the mirror, I totally hated myself, but I didn't know where should I start to loss the weight.

One day I were in a blood pressure lecture, I learned to reduce the body fluids retain to control blood press, the intake of fluids and output of fluids has to be balanced.  Intake and output balance...... I realized  this theory should help with my weight loss program. If I want to loss some weight, the daily intake of calories has to be less than the body required, then the body get chance to burn the fat accumulated on my body.  I started to learn how to read nutrition chart on back packages, and calculated the intake of calories.  The first thing I decided to was quit chips and cookies, I also learned vegetables and some fruits are low in calories, and high in fiber, could make me feel full longer.  Another important tip is to be careful with carbohydrate( Rice, Bread,Potatoes, Pastries), it will become  sugar during the digestion process.I also learned this from my lecture, that's why diabetics have to limit their Carb intake. I even quitted rice at that time.

After gained 10kg, a nightmare started.I suffered from constipation, and my face became very oily, acnes were all over my T-zoom.  I believed my body accumulated toxic from all kinds of junk food I have eaten. Only diet , eat healthy wasn't enough, then I decided to go to the gym 3 times a week. I even hired a personal trainer who was my classmate, he charged me  much less,otherwise I could not afford it at that time. But I really needed someone to force me to do all kinds of work. Exercise doesn't only help you burn calories, but also detoxified your body while sweating,and helps with the intestinal movement.

My condition was improved faster with workout and diet together. Within 6 months, my weight reduced from 60kg to 48kg, even lighter than before. Constipation, not anymore.  Acne, occasionally.

I started practice Yoga 4 years ago, and stopped during my pregnancy. Now I  do it at home ,when I feel tired, it really calm your body and mind down.

If you are not an athletic person like me, I believe diet is the best way to control your weight. However, remember diet is not a process, it's a habit.

Part III : by Michelle

It is  really interesting to read the above tips from Alexa and Amanda. One is our fabbylife's famous bumblebee - active and hardworking - I did see her doing squats before bedtime when she stayed at our house, and that was impressing. The other is our little beauty who is a math genius and balances her intake and output scientifically by reading nutrition chart .  Then what if you want to look amazing INSTANTLY but you told me :

"I am lazy; I am not motivated yet; There is no time for me in the day to squeeze in exercise; I have my own health problems that I cannot do what you do." or even "I hate doing boring and sweaty workout and I love junk food!"....?

Well, fine. You still have your last chance to win. Let me share a method which is pain-free and effective -- Looking at the mirror, stand up straight, find your own 'S' curve, and make sure that your weight is evenly distributed on your feet. Keep your head up and eyes straight ahead and walk just like a ballerina (even though we are pretending). I can guarantee you would receive 20% more instant credit just because of that. It is all about posture, which is telling people a lot more than what you had thought. Try it. "100% authentic or your money back"!