Episode 2 - Cruise Trip with "NCL Sky" - Food

We really enjoyed the 4 days on the cruise ship, especially the food. From Breakfast to dinner, full course with no exception. I gained 4 lb, after the vacation. I've been eaten salad since I got home, try to loss that extra weight.......

We  went to one of their specialty restaurant at the first night. The place called Le Bistro serves french gourmet. Only $20/person nominal cover charge, you can order whatever you want on the Menu, except beverages.

My outfit




Breakfast - buffet ( No extra charge)

Lunch- Buffet ( No Extra Charge)

We also went to one of  the dining place called Palace on the ship,  and no extra charge for this dining place, except beverages. The food were as good as usual , but the most important thing was my little Allison met her  first "boy friend" there. That boy even ate the bread Allison pulled out from her mouth. He was so fast, nobody include his parents could get  chance to stop him :) .......

After 4 days of eating these delicious food, I end up looking round as pearls and smooth as jade (珠圆玉润)


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  2. OMG. I'd better invest some decent time on workout before planning a trip alike.

  3. Don't worry, gym always available on any cruise ship. I have a 15 months old baby, it's hard for me get the workout done everyday, and I am lazy too:)


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