Skincare 1 - eye cream

It is my pleasure to be asked to share my experience in skincare here! Before I start, I have to say I don't have great skin! But I did try many different products on the market, I am happy to put my review of different lines here. However, no skincare can be better than a relaxed sleep, a balanced diet and regular workout! No skincare can change two factors: genetic and aging! Based on this, my expectation for any product is not that high :)
Eye cream: I wore glasses for several years, which resulted in horribly puffy eyes or even eye bags! Six years ago I started to use contacts, and began to fight with puffiness. I do have obvious improvement so far~~~ both of my friends and my husband found it :) But I will not say it a sudden change! No eye cream can change it in weeks or months! Keep using the eye cream you think it helpful, and give it a year at least!

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