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Lin: I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog. I’m wondering if you can share with me on what products you use to remove your make up (both face and eye) on a daily basis. I’m using La Prairie foam cleanser for face and Chanel Precision Gentle Eye MakeUp remover for eyes. But I noticed that these two products can’t take off all make up at one or even two tries. Can you recommend a better product?

Can you also recommend a good facial and eye mask? Another problem I have is, after I had my daughter, I got one big and a few small 黄褐斑 on my cheeks that did not go away at all. I’ve tried a few products but none of them worked so far. Any recommendation or should I think about laser surgery?

Thanks a lot!

Alexa: Thank you so much for reading my blog! Cleansing makeup is the most important skincare step. Actually, the products I am using now (very satisfied) are not expensive at all.

1. Lancome Bifacial eye makeup remover. This is the best makeup remover I found so far. Shake well, then satire a cotton pad (I love shiseido cotton pad). Put on your eyes for 5 seconds. 95% of your eye makeup is gone! Then I use the same cotton cleansing up the residual of mascara and eyeliner. Sometime I just use bifacial to clean my face, or skip the face makeup remover.

2. After I invested my Clarisonic plus face brush ($225, including a body brush), I stopped purchasing those expensive face cleanser. This brush is my HG product! I use this brush with CeraVE face cleanser ($10 from drug store) or DDF blemish foaming cleanser, perfect! I have been using this brush for 2 years, no problem at all.

3. As to brown spots on your face, I don’t think any skincare can help (like the red blood vessels on my cheek, after my son). I saw my dermatologist, and she said laser or heat treatment was definitely needed to remove them. I would suggest you to make an appointment with a local dermatologist as early as you can, which usually takes about 2 months. Each treatment is around 300-400 dollars, and if you have lots, you may need couple treatments. Anyway, the first visit is covered by your insurance (no treatment, she/he only talks with you and plans a treatment. Sometime she/he will try the treatment for couple spots on you). If a further treatment is scheduled, you need to pay from your own pocket, but it is eligible for FSA.

4. From diet, people told me 红豆薏米 may help. I just started making the broth, and I don’t expect too much from it. Anyway, it is good for health.

Please follow us, and thank you again for visiting my blog!

Lin: Thanks so much for the detailed info! Very much appreciated! You truly are an expert in skincare and fashion. -:)

Is this the right Clarisonic plus product?
I have very sensitive skin. Do you think I can use the Clarisonic product?

I also plan to start searching for a good dermatologist to get the laser treatment to get rid of the brown spots on my face.

I’ve learned a lot from reading your blog. Thanks for spending your time and efforts on sharing your knowledge. What I’ve learned from your blog has saved me lots of time and trial and error.

Take care.


  1. Do you use concealer? Any recommendation?

  2. I like Cle de peau, color in Beige. I recommended to Michelle, and she loves it too. But go to try first. NM and Saks carry this brand. It is a highend from Shiseido.


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