My makeup for a random working day

As a mom of a five yr old boy, enough sleep is a always luxury thing. Most of time, I have puffy eyes and dark circles in the morning and my skin is not as pretty as it was. Then makeup becomes my best friend. I feel a good makeup can definitely let you look younger and even more professional. My work environment is pretty conservative, so I use to have "nude" makeup, light and natural.

Here is my typical looking for working days:



1. After moisturizer and sunblock cream, I give it 15 minutes before put on my makeup.

2. I use makeup "beauty blender" to put on my Diorskin Nude foundation. The beauty blender (egg shaped sponge) is my hero! It is way better than any sponge and brushes. You can use the side or big end to put on foundation, and the pointed end for concealer. It leaves no lines at all! It is also easy to clean: any good soap, brush cleanser, or liquid hand soap. I have beeing used for more than half year, and it is still in great condition. It is definitely worth every penny. Dior nude is the best foundation I have tried so far (I tried La Prairie, La Mer, Shiseido, Cle de Peau, Lancome, name it), which does not add any weight to my skin but gives me enough coverage. I am on the third bottle now.

3. Pressed powder from Chantecaille, the color called "shell". Chantecaille compact makeup is air light, and evens the skin; however, it has no coverage. So far, this is the only pressed powder which is perfect for my combination skin, summer and winter.

4. For eye makeup, I start from brow pencil. I head to toes fall in love with Diorshow brow pencil! Perfect color (it comes in only one color) and easy to be glided on! Con is... too pricy! It goes fast. As to eyeshadow, Bobbi Brown, Urban decay and Nars all make good products.

5. Then blush. Like other girls, I am head to toes in love with Nars blush. I have two different shades: Orgasm (peach/orange tone) and deep throat (pink tone).

6. Next step is loose powder, which keeps the all makeup lasting all day! I am using La Mer Translucent loose powder, which is good but pricy. Honestly, it is not significantly better than other cheap ones.

7. The last step is mascara. I have been using DiorShow Waterproof mascara for three years. If I curve my lashes, this mascara will not smudge at all! I even wear it to swimming pool~~~~~~

Usually I don't put lipstick in the morning, (I keep drinking coffee and water)...... instead, I put one Dior Addict lipstick in my purse.


(After I read Michelle's post, I have to add one sentence here: smile is better than any makeup........ don't be scared by wrinkles, eventually we all will have it........don't let wrinkles stop you smile!_


  1. 很喜欢你们的这个博客,几位都是时尚美妈。

  2. Hi Amy,
    Pressed powder gives you a matte finish, and holds your foundation better. Loose powder is the last step, definitely help the whole makeup last all day long.

    I use Lancome Bi-facial to take off my eye makeup. And any face cleanser together with my Clarison brush to clean my face.

  3. Hi Amy!
    Good question. Foundation tends to turn a shade or two darker on my face by mid-day. This is known as 'oxidization'. Loose powder acts as a barrier, so it can help your make up last longer without unwelcome appearance. This is just my two cents. :-).

  4. thanks for your quick replays. I have two little kids and are trying to steering myself from turning to a 'yellow-faced old woman'. I admire you guys a lot.
    So my very first step is try to put some colors on my face EVERY day. I've noticed my face turns 'darker' in afternoon and now I know that is because I never use loose powder or pressed powder. How about just using foundation + loose powder instead of foundation+pressed+loose?
    I will buy a Dior nude foundation as you guys recommended in your posters. My question is what's the difference between pink 'undertones' (022 Alexa's) and 'peach undertones' (023 Michelle's)?
    Thanks again!!
    Have a nice day

  5. Hi Amy,

    I use 023 (peach tone, Alexa), which is good for relative fair skin. Pink tone 022 is good for a little bit darker or yellower skin. However, it might not be absolutely true. One of my friend she has fairer skin tone than me, in general, but her face is not as fair as mine (or just due to spots?). So to balance the color between face and neck, she needs a different one as 023. I will suggest you try before purchase.

    Thanks for your support!


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