My little pumpkin's outfit - By Amanda

I bought a pumpkin costume from Costco for my 14 month old daughter Allison.I Put the outfit on her and took a picture. I got her so ready for the "tricker or treat" night, unfortunately Allison picked up flu from our Toronto trip, became very sick during the halloween week. I decided not to take her out for the kids favorite event.  It's very disappointing, but at least, I took a picture of her in that pumpkin costume, she looks so cute......


  1. I have been following your blog, and really like it. You daughter is cute. But you did not seem pregnant last year. Just curious.

  2. got it. She is your friend's daughter. :)

  3. Dear Lin,
    Thank you for visiting our site! Yes, that is true. Allison is my best friend Amanda's daughter. She is super adorable!


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