Holiday deal - Mulberry Alexa in "pumpkin"

The first thing in my shopping wishlist is a medium size cross shoulder bag. I have a LV cross shoulder, but for some reason I am not that into their logos now. There are several candidates: Chloe, Mulberry and Balenciaga. Michelle has a nice size of Chloe cross shoulder, but it is hard to find the same deal right now.  Balenciaga will release a cross shoulder bag with adjustable strap next spring. Then, Mulberry...... There is no local boutique or store nearby that carries Mulberry, so it is not easy for me to follow the deals....... During my last visit to DC, I noticed that INTERMIX had Mulberry alexa..... It was $1050 after $150 store discount last week, and I thought there might be some deep discount during thanksgiving or christmas. Yesterday, I received the message from that store, telling me that the Mulberry Alexa was on pre-sale for $699.......... I know I can't let it go :)...... It will be shipped to me on Dec. 1st..... Let me share couple pictures I took last week in their store.


The phone number of the DC intermix, where I hold my bag, is 202-298-8080

Good luck girls......