Daily morning routine by Michelle

Hairdo: Nothing is more important than having a hairstyle that is both comfortable and matches my current lifestyle. The great smell of shampoo and conditioner sometimes is even more attractive than any perfume.  C.O. Bigelow Mentha Hair Invigorating Shampoo seems a good choice for me lately. It leaves my hair and scalp super-clean while adding necessary volume and shine. CHI flat-iron straightens my front hair which is curly in born.

Skincare: On my 39th year old birthday, I received a box of L'occitane soap from Alexa and started using it for face cleaning. It gives me surprisingly good results with the combination of sea salt crystal. As an acne fighter for over 20 years, I know it is a miracle. For the moisturizer part, I was a good supporter of Kose products for many years before I switched to other brands such as DHC and Olay. Finally I settled down on CeraVe, which was originally recommended by my son's dermatologist. Cheap and effective.

Makeup: If someday I live in an island and can only bring two beauty items, then the first one would be Dior Nude Natural Glow Foundation, 022 Cameo. It is light, sheer, with enough coverage I need. I usually stock some at home when it is on sale at Sephora.  NARS orgasm blush is definitely the second item I would take with me. It offers a subtle pink shade and a healthy glow. For eye makeup, Bobbi Brown eye gel makes a great contribution. Since it is in a gel format, it won't fall off into eyes easily. For people who are allergy to eye makeup products, you may try it.

Like many other working moms, I am asked to finish makeup and dress up in a flash in the morning.  Simplicity is a must and a habit. My final fix up before leaving the house is, don't forget to wear SMILE, the more the better.

What are your secret weapons to look fabulous? Don't be too shy to share!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Hi Michelle,

    I am very insterested in your daily skin care. As an acne fighter in my late 30s', I am still searching for solution. I'd like to know more details about the skin care products:

    1. FL’occitane soap with the combination of sea salt crystalfor face cleaning and CeraVe for moisturizer: Could you please give me more details about the types of soap, sea salt, and CeraVe? and where do you buy them?

    2. Do you used toner and mask? Do you mind sharing more information about Skin care tips for acne?

    Thank you very much!

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy black friday!

  2. Yan,

    I am more than happy to share my experience about acne fighting! I've just added links in my post for you to review. L'occitane soap is not the only choice. The point is how to clean your skin efficiently using the right product. Sea salt, not the table salt, is natural anti-bacterial with many healing minerals. I put about 1/2 teaspoon sea salt in my hand and dissolve it with a little warm/hot water; gently scrub it on my face, especially on the active area (for me, it is around nose, mouth, and chin); it might sting so I wash it off after half or one minute. Once a day. That is it! I did use masks before, but not now. I feel my skin cannot afford rich stuff which might make me look radiant but also gives me hidden acne problems sooner or later.

    Let us know how it helps! Thanks for reading~~~

  3. Like your natural and healthy look! Cannot believe you are 39+. :-).

  4. Michelle,

    You look gorgeous. I am about the same age as you. Do you mind share more skincare products you use on a daily basis, ex. eye cream, serum, etc.?


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