Balenciaga City in "anthracite"

Hi everyone, I am so excited to share my new buy with you, a new Balenciaga bag in the color called "anthracite"-- it is like charcoal, and has some greenish cast under sun shine. I requested it to be shipped to my home to avoid tax, so I just borrow the picture from the official site now. It is my second one (the color of another is pomegranate), and I want a natural color!

My first one (use an old picture)

After I purchased a dozen of designer bags, Balenciaga is one of my favorite brands! It doesn't have logo all over, is big enough for every day use, easily goes with different outfits, and is cool and chic!

Here I want to share couple of my thoughts about purchasing a Balenciaga bag:

1. color. Some of my friends always suggest me to buy bright colors, but I feel those bright / bold colors can be dangerous. First, I want a bag/color that can be used daily and easily, not just sitting in my closet. Second, I don't want to worry about the trend of fashion. Third, it is a bag and it will definetly get stains and dirts on; however, I don't want to "see" them :) Remeber, you jeans can easily stain your bags.  I have used my pomegranate one for 2 years, and it is still like brand new because of its color.

2. size. I am 5'4, "city" is the perfect size for me. "part time" and "work" way too big and "first" is a message bag size for me.

I usually carry an ipad, an iphone, a wallet, a makeup bag, a sunglass case and a scarf in my "city", and still have some room.

3. hardware. I like aged brass hardware, which matches the age craft lambskin perfectly. Never had interest in the "giant city", which has giant hardware. Personally, I feel giant hardware like those sold in homedepot indeed :(. (Also, giant city doesn't have leather stripes on the zip of side pocket, and is several handred dollars more than regular city)

4. leather. I like soft age craft lambskin, which is very soft and doesn't show the worn easily. This year, the limited edition for holidays is called "hamilton". It is goat skin, which is not as soft as lambskin and much heavier. Personally, I enjoy the super soft and light leather!

5. style. Besides "city", I want one with long should strap which allows it to be cross shoulder. Unfortunately, all those crossshould balenciaga bags have very very long should straps! I hate to bring a new bag to shoe repair! Good new is that Balenciage is going to release one with adjustable should strap next spring!!!!!

I will take pictures for my new bag as I get it and match it with my clothes!

Thank you again for reading~~~~~


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